code. 18 is the name of the eighteenth chapter of the Given manga.


Mafuyu was getting irritated that Mafuyu had spent most of his summer at Akihiko's. Koji suggested Haruki to play as a support in his ex-girlfriend's band.



As summer vacation is almost over, Ritsuka started getting irked by the fact that Mafuyu has been spending most of his time at Akihiko’s place. Ritsuka had sent a message to Mafuyu but it was left unread. When they met at a supplementary class, Ritsuka asked Mafuyu why he didn’t respond to the message. Mafuyu said that his battery ran out and he didn’t mean to ignore him. Ritsuka was more irked after Mafuyu asked if he was mad at something. When Ritsuka didn’t clearly answer his question, Mafuyu grew restless as he wasn’t sure if Ritsuka was mad at him. He said that he was scared that if he accidentally said the wrong thing, it might end up ruining their relationship. Ritsuka, realizing his mistake, hugged Mafuyu. He thought that he was being childish and he should’ve said it out how he was feeling instead of making Mafuyu guess it. Ritsuka leaned in to kiss Mafuyu but he stopped halfway. And then Mafuyu kissed him.

Akihiko read a message from Ugetsu asking him to stay somewhere else because he had brought someone home. Shortly after, he received a call from Haruki asking him why he’s not at the bar. They had planned to go drinking with another band. Akihiko said that he wasn’t feeling great so he’s not going out. Right before the call ended, Haruki heard a woman’s moan.

When Haruki joined the table, Koji asked him where Akihiko was. Haruki explained that Akihiko couldn’t make it and Akihiko has been a little short tempered lately. Koji then suggests Haruki to take a breather by playing support for Haruki’s ex-girlfriend’s band.


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