Chapter 16.5 is a bonus chapter in the Given manga, and a part of Volume 3.


This chapter features various short scenarios featuring the characters of Given.



Ritsuka is smug about his high test scores in chemistry, maths and physics as Itaya considers them.

Mafuyu wonders whether Akihiko has mixed ancestry since he is rather pale overall and stares intensely into his eyes since he wants to see the color.

Haruki discusses his part time job modelling for videos for his friend's store. Hanaoka of Harusame salon is demonstrating a kururinpa hair style. On another day, cue cards enable Hanaoka to answer viewers questions.

Hanaoka is insisting he has had girlfriends, maybe three like everyone else and suspects Haruki also currently has one. Ugetsu watches as Akihiko tells Haruki that his braid looks cute today.

After Ritsuka misses the elevator, he and Mafuyu are told not to announce that they are on a date. Ritsuka shares on social media how he went to a festival on the way home, and Mafuyu bought cotton candy. Haruki is told his kanzashi hair arrangement is done.

Kedama loves Haruki, who promptly licks his face.

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