code. 11 is the name of the eleventh chapter of the Given manga.

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As children Mafuyu and Yuki first meet and Mafuyu's father is taken into custody having been hitting him.

They are school friends with Hiiragi and Shizusumi, but one winter Mafuyu and Yuki have an argument.

The present day first live performance successfully concludes and as Mafuyu thanks Ritsuka for getting him that far, Ritsuka kisses Mafuyu.

Afterwards Hiiragi discusses music with Mafuyu.

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Remembering how they met as young children, Yuki comes across Mafuyu sat by himself. Mafuyu says that his father hits him if he speaks and his father is arrested.

As young teenagers, they were also friends with Hiiragi and Yagi. Yuki would kiss Mafuyu and say he would do anything for him. One winter however an argument broke out over music and trust. Mafuyu asked if Yuki would die for him.

Presently, Mafuyu is haunted by this as he continues to perform on stage. People in the crowd such as Ugetsu and Koji stare awestruck as the band members Akihiko, Haruki and Ritsuka continue to play. Ryou and Shogo note the crowds reaction.

With Mafuyu often thinking of Yuki, he cannot forgive himself for what happened. Finding himself lonely and with his fingers hurting, Mafuyu looks over to see Ritsuka keeping an eye on him. Ritsuka remembers when he was younger and first performed on stage. Now he realizes he is in love, and after the performance he takes Mafuyu off stage as he staggers towards him. Mafuyu is thanking Ritsuka for bringing him this far before Ritsuka kisses Mafuyu. Thinking how he is not lonely now, Mafuyu finds he enjoys lunch break and likes someone new in Ritsuka.

After the performance, Hiiragi finds Mafuyu outside and considers him annoying since Yuki wanted them to write a song together. After asking him what he thought of the live show, Mafuyu shares that he has someone new that he likes.

Notes Edit

  • Mafuyu is seen first meeting Yuki when both were children.
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