code. 10 is the name of the tenth chapter of the Given manga.



People have noticed one of Mafuyu’s guitar strings have snapped, with stunned reactions all round. There are no replacement strings so Haruki hurries Ritsuka to run down to the train station and buy a new one.

Looking like it is the end of the world as Haruki reminds him he fixed it the first time, Ritsuka’s heart is beating as he remembers Mafuyu first asking if his guitar could be fixed.

With Ritsuka going, Akihiko tells Yayoi now is not a good time. Managing to acquire new strings, Ritsuka hurries back thinking to himself that he is an idiot, he is the one who told Mafuyu to sing. He thinks Mafuyu is hard to understand but he always puts in the effort to meet their expectations.

Arriving back, Haruki and Akihiko head to the audio technician to change their setlist and to leave Ritsuka with Mafuyu. He asks Mafuyu if it is okay if he fixes the strings whilst Akihiko shares with Haruki that he is always saving things. It is not about the band though, Akihiko uses the opportunity to thank him for inviting him into the band, the old him was a really irritable guy. He continues to articulate that he thinks the heart is kind of like a string, it is difficult and hurts as if a strong stretched across the chest is being torn apart.

Fixing the guitar strings, Ritsuka consoles Mafuyu that he loves his sound. Ritsuka thought he was the one pushing him forward, but released he was the one being pulled. Mafuyu listens intently as Ritsuka says now is much more fun, but feels he is bad at putting things into words.

A previous band finishes playing, and Ritsuka’s school friends discuss Ritsuka’s self-produced album, they have high expectations for Sato as Ritsuka is the one who invited him.

Haruki and Akihiko decide to leave the mic on stage since it is not in the way, and Ritsuka checks on Mafuyu noticing that he is spacing out too much. They decide to have fun but on stage, Mafuyu wonders what is the right way to respond, and how to act as others do.

Ugetsu is amongst the crowd as the band begins playing, and with Mafuyu thinking of Ritsuka’s comment that he is bad at putting things into words, unplanned he, in fact, does begin singing.


  • It is revealed that Haruki first invited Akihiko to the band.
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