code. 1 is the name of the first chapter of the Given manga.

Overview Edit

Highschooler, Ritsuka Uenoyama meets Mafuyu Sato who asks him to fix his guitar. Afterward, Mafuyu asks Uenoyama to teach him how to play it.

Uenoyama brings Mafuyu to watch his band including Akihiko and Haruki practice.

Characters Edit

Story Edit

Mafuyu has a dream, Ritsuka secludes himself from his class friends for a nap where he comes across Mafuyu sleeping in his space. Waking and offering him space on the stairs, they discuss the state of Mafuyu's guitar and after asking him, Ritsuka repairs the strings. Practicing it, Mafuyu asks him to teach him how to play like that.

Ritsuka remembers when he first learned how to play the guitar and how he studied music at high school. Finding Mafuyu on the stairs again he thinks to decline his request that he teach him how to play the guitar. After thanking him and offering him money for the strings, Ritsuka declines it and though still reluctant to teach him he takes him to meet his band. Mafuyu meets Akihiko before the other member Haruki arrives as Mafuyu shares that he is here to watch and learn.

Notes Edit

  • Ritsuka meets and interacts with Mafuyu for the first time.
  • Mafuyu is introduced to Ritsuka's band including Akihiko and then Haruki.
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