Volume 4
Given 4 Front Art.jpg
Product Information
Release Date December 25 , 2019
Price Blu-ray: Full production limited edition ANZX 13893 Price: 7,500 yen + tax

DVD: Full production limited edition ANZB 13893 Price: 6,500 yen + tax

Content Information
Episodes 3

This is the fourth planned Blu-ray and DVD release for the Given anime as well as currently the last in the Blu-ray and DVD collection.


The fourth volume of the Blu-ray & DVD is set to be released December 25, 2019. It includes episodes #09, #10 & #11 of the anime adaptation.


Full production limited edition benefits

The full production limited edition includes: 

  • Jacket illustration drawn by Mina Osawa
  • Drama CD 2
  • Setting material collection 2
  • Special booklet (published by Natsuki Kizaki)
  • Jacket illustration card
* Product benefits and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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