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Given The Movie
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Product Information
Release Date Feb 3, 2021
Price Blu-ray: ¥7,000 + tax ANZX-14014

DVD: ¥6000 + tax ANZX-14014

Content Information

The Blu-ray and DVD release for Given: The Movie was released on February 3, 2021.

The price for the limited edition Blu-ray is ¥7,000 + tax ANZX-14014 and the DVD is ¥6000 + tax ANZX-14014.

Limited Edition Benefits

  • Three-sided case illustrated by Natsuki Kizu.
  • Original soundtrack CD.
  • Collection of setting materials.
  • Special booklet manga drawn by Kizu (Ugetsu's Emergence).
  • Illustration card.
  • Bonus footage.

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