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Craneface Craneface 30 September 2020

Quick update

Hello everyone, hope you're all doing well!

So the Fandom Given Wiki has decided for yet another migration, this time, onto a new software. The layout overall looks way different (at least on PC and such) and personally I don't really like it, it feels way different and more advanced though I guess it's just a matter of time until we get used to it.

Does anyone know if there has been any changes on non-pc devices?

(Pop-up message from Fandom: Attention: We have migrated your community and all of its content onto new wiki software. Find out more in this blog post. Article Comments and/or Message Walls are still being migrated and content will be incomplete. We will notify you once the migration completes.)

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Ephaporia Ephaporia 6 December 2019

Any Though?

To be honest, until now I have no watch Given until done. so please give me your opinion about this BL anime and what makes it worth to watch it, so I can watch it until done.

Please, guys, change my mind and make me love this anime like I love Yuri on Ice, Banana Fish, and Sarazanmai.

But so far, my favorite character is Kedama which is Mafuyu's pet dog. It is so cute, you know???

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Minniekitty245 Minniekitty245 23 September 2019

Episode 11 Thoughts/Appreaction Post

First off, this was an amazing series! I, personally, couldn't find a flaw. The ending couldn't have been more perfect. I loved the ending pictures/scenes! They were beautiful. Time for (some of) the scenes I thoroughly appreciated!

Haru's birthday celebration was small, but quaint. Although I do think they should have at least invited Take-chan :(

Wow we got 7/13 That's not too bad!

But anyways all in all episode was everything I could have hoped for and more. 10/10. Now I have no idea what I'll do with myself as I wait for the movie but we'll figure it out lol

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Mon24 Mon24 21 September 2019

Given - MANGA

Hey guys!!!

I have just read up to 28.5 of the manga

but is that the end?!?! I wasn't too sure because it had just updated 6 days ago but then at the end of the chapter is says 'END' so now I'm a tad confused!!

If anyone could let me know, it would be much appreciated!!

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Craneface Craneface 20 September 2019

Final Episode thoughts

Yeah once again I'm here and ready to kind of maybe sort of share what I think

To start off with, I'm extremely glad about the Anime adaption and it was done in a most astounding way. 

The impression the Anime gave me,

The whole adaption managed to capture some of the most touching, funny and cute moments, and that as well, was overall astounding. Most of us here have all watched a lot of Shounen-ai (At least I'm pretty sure most of us have) And this one gets my number one spot as well as my "Favourite Anime of the year" 

As the Anime aired, I always chose to watch the episodes on friday evenings. That goes for all the airing anime series that I have dedicated everything to. It felt so good being back into this whole "looking forward" thing. I…

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DragonKestrel DragonKestrel 14 September 2019

Given Anime Trending Tops

Below are images that feature Given in the Top 10's according to Anime Trending.

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S3r0-Ph1i S3r0-Ph1i 14 September 2019

All aboard the Given School Bus! (Mandatory)

With this Discussions post it no doubt dawned upon us all that whilst Given is amazing in every sense of the word it is missing one thing.

It is missing The Magic School Bus theme track.

Music like anime, make it happen! 🎸 🎙

(Ritsuka) Seatbelts, everyone!

(Mafuyu) Please let this be a normal field trip!

(Akihiko) With the Uenoyama? (Haruki) No way!

(The instruments) Cruising on down main street. You're relaxed and feeling good! (Yeah!)

Next thing that you know, you're seeing... Wa-ha-ha-hoo! Kedama in the neighborhood?!

Surfing on a sound wave! Jazz band swinging through the stars! (All) Yee-ha! Take a left into the studio. Take your second right past music bars!

On The Given School Bus! Navigate a guitar! (Mafuyu sneezing) Climb on The Given Sch…

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Minniekitty245 Minniekitty245 13 September 2019

Sorry yall

Un-follow me now, this is gonna be the only thing I post about for the next week. I've wanted this for years frick. What the frick.

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Minniekitty245 Minniekitty245 13 September 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, we got 'em.

Y'all already know what it is. Episode 10 spoilers

Y'all. We did it. We made it. This is it. Here we are. Look at us. Look at the development. The growth. The beauty. The pain it took to get here. The bridges we had to cross to get here. The hurdles we had to jump to get here. Everything we had to do to get here, to get to this. moment.

He said it. He really said it. Mah hart. Mah sole. This lets me know God is real. (I mean I'm religious so I already knew that but that's besides the point) (God forbid if you don't know what this is about)

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Craneface Craneface 12 September 2019

What I'm looking forward to in the next incoming episodes

Like the title of this blog says, I'm going to list all the things I am looking forward to the most. That means that I've had to choose between various scenes from the Manga and picturing how they would be as an adapted anime scene, and that goes for all scenes. The cute ones, the funny ones, the sad ones, the weird ones, etc. I'll do a top... 6 version. Here are the ones I've chosen for the tenth and eleventh episode. 

5.  Ritsuka rubbing Mafuyu's cheeks, that's just cute, what else can I say 

4. When Mafuyu opens the front door to let Ritsuka in, Ritsuka goes  (〜 ↂへↂ)〜 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I CANT  

3. When he remembers he did something so embarrassing, Ritsuka is lost in space. I've been waiting for this scene to get animated since …

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Mafuwuyuyu Mafuwuyuyu 9 September 2019

local twitter follower.

Hello everyone, 

My names Laurent and I'm just your other dude. 

I'd like to keep blog updates about cool and important updates that the given twitter is handing us. 

I know that twitter already provides translation but sometimes it's better to hear everything from someone who knows the language well. 

Not only do i seek to follow the twitter page for given but also the animators as well as the band providing most the of the music for the anime. 

Some great new is that there will soon be a release of a given CD! if some already didn't know that, well now you know. 

so thats all for now, i'll definetly come back often and see how much i can get down! 

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Piece enrik Piece enrik 8 September 2019

Languages section

Hi, I have thought it'd be nice to add something like this at the main page. What do you think?

PS: it says "we are building communities with the following languages".

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Minniekitty245 Minniekitty245 7 September 2019

Okay but can we adress the episode 9 kiss scene??

Ok but yall. I'd just like to say. that *clap* kiss *clap* scene *clap* tho!!! like can we address that?? like the animation was so smooth?? It was so much more emotional than in the manga (In my opinion) You could just tell through the kiss that Ue was so proud of Mafuyu before he even said anything. The manga made it seem like Ue just brushed Sato's lips like it was an accident but the anime put just the right amount of emotion behind it. It didn't look rough, but it didn't look unintentional. It was beautiful. 10/10. What did yall think of it?

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Craneface Craneface 6 September 2019

Episode 09 Thoughts

I can't make it simple, so I'll make it long.

To start off with, the climax of the episode was the song.  I knew it was gonna be good, but what I didn't know was that it was gonna be SO heartbreaking. The song, the sounds of the instruments, the lyrics. Boy the lyrics...

It was extremely emotional, the entire song was. Goodness, the way Mafuyu sang it... Wow. What really got to me though, was when he said "I miss you." He sounded SO lonely when he said it. It was heartbreaking and it had my whole face covered with tears. He's been wandering around, building SO much sorrow up inside, which he was never able to let go of.

For me, this was, by far, one of the most emotional scenes I've ever seen in an anime series. Mafuyu expressed himself in w…

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Minniekitty245 Minniekitty245 6 September 2019

Mafuyu's song


I'm not even done with episode 9 but I needed to post the lyrics to his song. I kid you not I was legitimately sobbing when I heard it. (Also we got some amazingly pure Mafuyu x Yuki. I'm so happy with the way this anime adaptation came out. It makes me so happy.)


Just like

Snow that hasn’t completely melted

In the shade

I continue on with these feelings inside of me

Please tell me how I’m supposed to close the door on this love

Your everything has lost it’s tomorrow

And is now wandering around eternally

Along with me

Who was unable to say goodbye or move on

Just like

A spell that still won’t break

Or some kind of curse

I’m still holding onto some heavy baggage

Hey, what kind of tomorrow

Am I supposed to look for in this town?


The …

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Minniekitty245 Minniekitty245 5 September 2019

given x Owari no Seraph

A few manga spoilers

I legitimately have nothing better to do with my time other than stay on this wiki 24/7 so here is my third "given x" blog post! Today we'll be doing Owari No Seraph!

As always we're starting with Mafuyu Sato. I find him to be a lot like René Simm. I don't know why I just felt René vibes coming off of him, although they are similar personality-wise.

Next, as always, is Uenoyama Ritsuka. He would be our beloved, Yūichirō Hyakuya. Neither are in a rush to get their grades up but, they're passionate about what they do (For Yuu that would be slaying vampires and y'all know what it is for Ue).

Onto Haruki Nakayama. I think he would be Mikaela Hyakuya. Young Mikaela Hyakuya that is. They're both really kind, friendly, and upbeat…

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S3r0-Ph1i S3r0-Ph1i 2 September 2019

Real world inspirations for Given!

Thanks to the creators behind the series and the welcome publicity we are very fortunate to know some of the inspirations behind the Given series. Very handy so we can visit these places and acquire the goods BECAUSE! Heading to Japan, to see the sights? Sure, just wanna see the areas that the anime and manga were based on mind. Swish new guitar, like to play? Maybe, just needed, wanted, gots to get it because it was in the show XD

In all seriousness though there is a reason why Given is such a nice series, the world and background benefit from the details, witness the glory:

Of the one and only Mafuyu's guitar, then real world locations in:

  • one
  • two
  • three
  • and four instances alone.

Given is a series grounded in reality in more ways than one, and y…

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Minniekitty245 Minniekitty245 31 August 2019

given x Yuri!!! On Ice

I find matching different characters from different series very enjoyable so I've decided to do it again but this time I'll be doing Yuri!!! On Ice. Also, if you haven't seen my first one, you can check it out here!!

Now onto our characters!

First up, Mafuyu Sato. I get Otabek Altin vibes from him. They're quiet and reserved, but very passionate about their craft.

Next is Ritsuka Uenoyama. With a lot of debating, I have decided that he reminds me of Yuri Plisetsky in the later episodes of season one. They both have unconventional ways to show their love to those they care about but it somehow gets across. They're also known to lash out at times...

Now onto Haruki Nakayama. He would be the main character of Yuri!!! On Ice, Yuri Katsuki. They're…

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DragonKestrel DragonKestrel 24 August 2019

Kedama or another Pom?!

Ever since the 7th episode of Given has aired, I couldn't help, but speculate about Kedama, or is their a another dog that isn't mentioned yet? So, this is my opinion on what I'm analyzing from the anime and the manga, so far.

First, let's take a look at both of the dogs. If you don't know these dogs are Pomeranians, which are relatively small dogs that have a lot of personality and grow from 5.12-11 inches. They are cute and adorable with their fluffy coats. Fun Fact: I also had a Pom that I grew up with.

Let's talk about the dog that was introduced to us in the first episode of Given, Kedama! Kedama is a very small dog that is owned by and lives with Mafuyu Sato. Kedama is extremely friendly and energetic towards Mafuyu. We know that Kedam…

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Craneface Craneface 19 August 2019

Another useless blog of mine

Greetings everyone! Today I'd like to talk about Mafuyu's song that touched our hearts, or at least it did mine.

The song was first introduced in the second episode, "Like Someone In Love" and was also sung later on by Mafuyu in episode three, Somebody Else and is sung by Ritsuka Uenoyama in episode six, Fluorescent Adolescent...

Today I present to you.. The lyrics of Mafuyu's song!

La laaa la la La laaa la la

La la la laaaa La la la laaaa

La la la lahhh La la la laaahhh






(*Intense exhale and inhale*)

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Minniekitty245 Minniekitty245 17 August 2019

given x Haikyuu!!

I recently made a post stating that I think that Yagi looks like Keiji Akaashi from Haikyuu!! and some people agreed so I took it upon myself to kind of match Haikyuu!! characters with given characters.

First up is Sato Mafuyu. I think he is a lot like Takanobu Aone from Date Tech High. He isn't like him in the looks department however he is a lot like him personality-wise. You could also compare him to Kenma Kozume from Nekoma High. Then again I also get Wakatoshi Ushijima vibes considering both are intense at specific times and are usually very dry and don't show too much emotion unless they're doing what they love (Playing volleyball for Ushijima and singing for Mafuyu.)

Second is Ritsuka Uenoyama. Hands down, he is Tobio Kageyama. No que…

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Craneface Craneface 10 August 2019

Random thought

Starting to feel like this anime should have a comedy tag because oh my god there are so many moments I die laughing at, almost more moments of that, rather than drama.

The faces all the characters can make are absolutely priceless, and I will now give a few example as to what had me drop dead because it was so funny that I repeated that scene 10-15 times before I continued watching the rest of the episode.

[[File:Mafuyu_disapointed_about_the_price.gif|frame|left|oh ok den :

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S3r0-Ph1i S3r0-Ph1i 5 August 2019

Given Love

With the manga basis, the process of having the anime unveiled makes Given extra special. Yes series remain ever wonderful even if they stay as manga forever, goes without saying. And yet an anime adaption allows for a more detailed exploration of a world. Further appeal in color and sound, exactly like a novel being turned into a movie, everyone may love and appreciate it all!

With that, a blog post for everyone to share what they love about the Given series from the manga, anime, music, characters, everything is good to note! Specific moments, the dedication to the anime sticking to the manga, the additional scenes in the anime, there is so much!

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Craneface Craneface 28 July 2019

Anime and Manga articles for Characters

So far, the main characters has two articles, one for Manga and one for the Anime version. 

What of the other characters though, shouldn't making a second article be fit after whether there's enough content to cover a whole Manga article for the character?

Like stock characters, they don't really need a Manga and Anime article, but the main characters (and along with a few others) is fine, which is what we're currently doing. 

So far that's my idea

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DragonKestrel DragonKestrel 27 July 2019

The message of "Can't Say Goodbye, I'm Still Drifting With Your Echos."

May contain Spoilers We were first introduced with the opening and the logo of the announced Given manga and anime. But, their seems to be a little message that is left beside the logo. What does it mean you may be asking? When I saw this little message at first glance, I initially thought of a country album made by Blake Shelton titled "Bringing Back the Sunshine." I personally think that the small little message has a more deeper meaning that will play a big part later on in the story.

For instance, in the intro of the Given anime, we are shown and introduced to the main and supporting characters of the series. But, one thing stuck out the most during the intro, Mafuyu Sato. Mafuyu is shown being surrounded by darkness, as he is left stan…

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Craneface Craneface 26 July 2019

Episode 3 "Somebody Else" Review

The episode did start emotionally but then it turned into a comedy shortly after. When Akihiko arrives at the school where Haruki is waiting, Haruki gets pretty p*ssed jealous. This part had me died laughing, priceless reactions and especially that face, I died.

Otherwise, the other half part of the episode was extremely emotional and it really feels different from the Manga chapters. The expressions, the voices, the sounds, everything was all on spot.

In the Manga I thought Hiiragi was looking more happy or excited than in the anime where he gave the expression as if he was rather"shocked" than excited to see Mafuyu again. That was an amazing detail. 

Same goes for the images we see of Mafuyu at the funeral and after, how he's affected by it…

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Craneface Craneface 20 July 2019

An idea to Relationships on Articles

So I'm thinking, since each character has a /Relationship article, I thought of only including the top three (plus/minus one extra) relationships would be nice because then the page wouldn't be so long and then we make more use of the /Relationship articles. And mostly because if we include all the characters on one article under ==Relationships== Section then the page would probably end up being never-ending. 

With the "top three relationships" we highlight the three characters that the character has interracted the most with during the series and therefor, has the most content describing their relationship. It's okay to include an extra character if there has been one in the past that had a lot to do with the character earlier on in the s…

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S3r0-Ph1i S3r0-Ph1i 12 July 2019


Not only has the anime been released, and not only was all prepared to love it no matter what, it is actually better than even a best-case scenario!

Episode 01: Boys in the Band has set a brilliant tone, was always feeling it would be nice to see the manga panels adapted into anime, with the voices and of course music and would be perfect in every sense of the word.

And the Given anime is, and yet do see why people seem to like an anime better when it is faithful to the manga as this also is! Seeing select shots fulfilled a desire that didn’t even know was there; viewing shots of the manga in color so to speak.

The additions such as Kedama, the cutest pumpkin ever, right from the start also highlight a strength of anime that it can add more c…

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Craneface Craneface 11 July 2019

Anime is on the move!

So the anime has begun to air from tonight!

I cannot wait... Well I have to because when an anime starts airing, I always decide to save the episodes that I look most forward to, for friday nights where I can sit back and watch some amazing anime and well, here we go again. I am looking most forward to the songs, Mafuyu's voice, and all the incoming BL moments as well as drama scenes, I love it.

I've missed the "looking forward to" feeling and it's finally time to look forward to something each week once again. It's a great feeling, in fact it's probably the best feeling I've had in my life so far and I hope you all will enjoy it just as much as I am likely to do!

Feel free to make discussion post about what you all think of the currently air…

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S3r0-Ph1i S3r0-Ph1i 8 June 2019

Expanding the Given site

Given is lovely, and this site can and will be an all covering online resource to detail everything about the series. Building article pages from the characters, manga and anime (incoming at this point of time, yes it’s exciting!) everything official shall be noted. Supporting the series by providing information to creating something that does stand the test of time so others may appreciate everything about Given, to many other noble reasons for taking part in this endeavour.

With refinement, updates and similar it shall always be a work in progress as other contributors leave the resource better than they found it but first, we actually need some pages!

The 100 pages listed are a solid foundation for everyone to build upon so articles are es…

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