This story page features complete detail on Kasai's experiences in the Given anime.
Episode #01 Boys in the Band

In class 2 -10 Kasai is stood amongst her friends during the school break at 12.50pm and silently watches as Ritsuka leaves the class.

Episode #02 Like Someone In Love

Kasai walks over to Ritsuka and Ryuu and tells the two that they aren't being sociable. Ritsuka says goodbye to the two with Kasai watching Ritsuka leaving the classroom.

Not being sociable

Episode #03 Somebody Else

She watches Ritsuka from the classroom as they help clean the room.

Watching Ritsuka

Episode #04 Fluorescent Adolescent

Kasai tries waking Ritsuka up but is stopped when Ritsuka is called by Mafuyu.

Stopping to wake Ritsuka

Kasai and her friend walk together through Shibuya only to spot Ritsuka and Mafuyu. Her friend happens to know something about Mafuyu and begs to tell her.

Not understanding the relationship

Episode #05 The Reason

She becomes partners with Ritsuka in their art class and talks to him about how Mafuyu may be dangerous to hang around.

Kasai thinking it's too dangerous

Episode #06 Creep

During an art class where pairs are to draw one another, Kasai informs Ritsuka that she thinks getting involved with Mafuyu might be dangerous. She raises certain rumors about Mafuyu dating another boy last year who suddenly killed himself.

After Shogo's interruption, Kasai then apologizes and tells Ritsuka that the last thing she said was unnecessary. It was just a rumor about Mafuyu dating another guy, and she explains she was just trying to make conversation. Kasai continues to tell Ritsuka that it is true that Mafuyu's childhood friend, Yuki Yoshida, did, in fact, die, someone who went to middle school with Mafuyu told her as much.

Kasai informing Ritsuka that it might be too dangerous

Episode #07 Tumbling Dice

In class, "Ayano" is called and Kasai turns as a friend asks her to take some waste disposal bags. Asking what, she hears the reasoning that her next class is in another room. Still reluctant, Kasai sees Ritsuka offer to take the bags to her surprise.

Feeling remorse about sharing the rumor about Mafuyu

Silently walking to the waste disposal area, and unknowingly observed by Shogo, Ryuu, and Mafuyu, Kasai appears upset before Ritsuka. Tears fall from her eyes as she asks why is he being so nice to her when she said something so awful to him. She clarifies that the awful thing was what she said about Mafuyu and that she knew it was petty of her to bring up those rumors. She tearfully explains that she thought Ritsuka would never speak to her again. Reacting to him agreeing that is was petty, Kasai is then patted on the head, Ritsuka was glad to have found out. She listens to what Ritsuka is saying before heading back to class together.

Episode #9 A Winter Story
Kasai stands in the audience with her friend Waka, during Mafuyu's performance.
Episode #10 Wonderwall

At school, Kasai tells her friends that Mafuyu is absent & tells Ritsuka to check up on Mafuyu.

Episode #11 Song2
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