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This story page covers everything on Akihiko Kaji's experiences in the Given anime.
Episode #01 Boys in the Band

Overseeing Ritsuka's exchange with Mafuyu

Akihiko Kaji is seated at his drum kit in a music studio. He pauses drinking to ask who a new person with Ritsuka, his bandmate, is. He is unsure of what Ritsuka means when he announces he feels he has picked up a stray puppy, having absolutely no clue on what Ritsuka is on about when he unconvincingly states that he tied to lose Mafuyu. Akihiko listens perplexed to Ritsuka explain to Mafuyu that Akihiko is a nice guy, he just looks scary.

Joined by Haruki, Akihiko discusses that he is unsure of what is going on, only that Ritsuka brought Mafuyu with him to the studio. Watching as Mafuyu introduces himself, Akihiko reacts to him saying he came to watch them play. Having a moment poking Haruki's finger, with this being the case Akihiko is emboldened to show what they can do.

He asks Ritsuka why not when asked if he is sure

Episode #02 Like Someone In Love

He is asked by Haruki what he thinks with him sounding displeased. Haruki tells him if he could mean it with Akihiko sounding even happier. He and Haruki are asked by Ritsuka if he could bring Mafuyu with them, which they agree and begin to tease Ritsuka. Ritsuka becomes jealous and tells the two that they will go back to band practice with the two quickly heading for a smoke. Akihiko arrives back at the studio late to see Ritsuka yelling at Mafuyu with Haruki laughing.

Showing enthusiasm

Haruki and Akihiko have a talk about Ritsuka while having a smoke. Akihiko and Haruki come back inside the studio and they show Mafuyu some magazines and booklets of jobs with Akihiko, Haruki, and Ritsuka towering over Mafuyu. Akihiko and Ritsuka give Mafuyu ideas at the restaurant on some jobs with Akihiko working more than one job.

Different jobs

Episode #03 Somebody Else

Akihiko gives Yayoi a ride off to the college with Haruki watching them. Akihiko comes over to Haruki and asks if he got the text from Ritsuka. Haruki's feeling uneased tells Akihiko that he did. Akihiko sits next to Haruki and the two talk about Ritsuka letting Mafuyu join the band. Akihiko and Haruki laugh uncontrollably realizing that Mafuyu left him, which leads to Ritsuka becoming irritated and telling the two to shut up. Ritsuka asks if he is avoiding him with Haruki telling him that Mafuyu has a job interview today. Haruki questions Ritsuka if he doesn't have Mafuyu's contact info. Ritsuka slowly turns his head towards Akihiko with Akihiko telling him that he has it. The three of them sit down and talk about how communication is important in a band.

Haruki and Akihiko sit outside of the studio with Haruki asking if he said too much. Akihiko reaches his hand out and rubs Haruki's head telling him if he's everyone's bro. Akihiko pushes an elevator button while holding on to some keys. Akihiko takes his helmet off and hears the commotion of Ritsuka yelling at Mafuyu as the two are running. Akihiko later hides behind a vending machine with hearing Mafuyu's singing and thinks to himself that he didn't expect this.

Episode #04 Fluorescent Adolescent
Akihiko listens to Yayoi explaining to him that Ritsuka is working hard on something. Akihiko and Haruki welcome Mafuyu into their band and help teach him. Akihiko and Haruki make a toast for Mafuyu joining the band. Everyone goes around the table to discuss what kind of music they like and how they connect better being different.
Episode #05 The Reason

In the studio, Akihiko listens to Haruki's plans of performing live on stage.

At a bar, Akihiko and Haruki hang out together. Akihiko hears Haruki getting burnt and asked him what's wrong with Haruki telling him that he might've singed his bangs. Akihiko holds a section of Haruki's hair with his hair and tells him that he just keeps on letting them grow.

At Haruki's apartment, Akihiko waits outside for Haruki to relieve himself before stepping inside.

During the night, Akihiko goes over to Haruki's apartment for the night and manages to fall asleep on Haruki. Akihiko walks into the bathroom to ask Haruki if he can borrow a charger and offers to put up Haruki's hair.

In the living room, Akihiko is sleeping on the couch, while Haruki brings out his phone and slowly tries to get a close-up photo of Akihiko, before falling back from Akihiko's sudden movements. Akihiko wakes up to ask what time it is and heads off before thanking Haruki for letting him stay.

During sunrise, Akihiko manages to make it home safely and grabs a mug to fill it up with water. Akihiko hears a voice calling to him with Akihiko wondering if he woke him up. The person shakes his head and pulls his head out of the covers to welcome Akihiko home.

At a barbeque restaurant, Haruki talks to his fellow band members on how they're going to perform on the stage while cooking on the barbeque. Haruki asks if any of them are listening before Ritsuka, Akihiko, and Mafuyu go crazy. Haruki punches Akihiko as a sign for him not to drink so much.

During the night, Akihiko is allowed to stay over for the night at Haruki's apartment, but Akihiko manages to fall asleep on top of Haruki. Akihiko is moved by Haruki and is laid down on Haruki's bed with Haruki sitting on the floor.

Episode #06 Creep

At Ritsuka's apartment, Akihiko is invited over by Yayoi and shows Ritsuka a music video of him adding the drums to Mafuyu's singing and Ritsuka's guitar playing. Akihiko discusses Mafuyu's singing with Ritsuka and asks Ritsuka to have Mafuyu write the lyrics.

At the studio, Akihiko tells Haruki to shut up from talking about past relationships with Ritsuka and Mafuyu standing by.

In the coffee shop, Akihiko discusses with Haruki on needing Mafuyu's lyrics. Akihiko is asked by Haruki if he knows something that happened to Mafuyu in the past. Akihiko tells Haruki that he admires that about him, leaving Haruki embarrassed.

Episode #07 Tumbling Dice

In a music room, Akihiko watches Ugetsu playing the violin from the doorway and notes to himself about love and falling in love with someone.

At the studio in the present day, Akihiko is given Haruki's attention and cheers him by poking him with his drum sticks. Akihiko takes a drink from his bottled water and notes to himself about Mafuyu writing the lyrics for the song. Akihiko notices his band members fight and decides to call it a day before the band falls apart.

Outside during the night, Akihiko offers Ritsuka a drink with Ritsuka being reluctant. Akihiko smacks the bottle of water at Ritsuka's face. Akihiko asks Ritsuka a question about Mafuyu, then yells back at Ritsuka for noticing him blushing. Akihiko and Ritsuka listen to each other's thoughts and feelings about other people.

At the studio, Akihiko and Haruki note how much better Mafuyu has gotten. The two decide to take a break since Mafuyu is sleeping. Akihiko notices that Haruki wants to get back to practicing, but insists that he has another smoke with him.

During a flashback, Akihiko remembers meeting a man named Ugetsu Murata. Akihiko is asked by Ugetsu who he is, but Ugetsu soon realizes that he placed second in the competition. Akihiko notes to himself that Ugetsu had transferred to the school and became his first friend. Akihiko abandons the violin by Ugetsu's talent. Akihiko realizes that Ugetsu's heart and feelings were far overwhelming compared to others. Akihiko listens to Ugetsu playing the violin and goes over to hug him after he is finished.

At Ugetsu's house, Akihiko wakes up and get's ready, while hearing the news of Ugetsu winning. Akihiko welcomes Ugetsu home from a late-night violin competition. Akihiko asks Ugetsu if he wants any coffee with Ugetsu declining the offer. Akihiko is later asked by Ugetsu that he changes his mind about coffee. Akihiko tells Ugetsu to make it himself. Akihiko talks to Ugetsu about winning the competition, but Ugetsu is left fast asleep.

At the studio, Akihiko tells the others that they should stop practicing. Akihiko realizes Ritsuka becoming angry and explains to him about Mafuyu's skills. Akihiko tells Mafuyu that he won't be able to write the lyrics and informs Haruki that he'll be taking Mafuyu if he can take Ritsuka.

Outside, Akihiko gives Mafuyu a helmet and a coat. Akihiko informs Mafuyu that if he's not able to settle things with his past, then he won't be able to write lyrics. Akihiko asks Mafuyu if he wants to express it or just run away from having to verbalize it.

Episode #08 Time Is Running Out

Outside, Akihiko tells Mafuyu to send him the lyrics when they're done. Mafuyu tells Akihiko that he will and heads up to his apartment. Akihiko thinks to himself about the concert starting in one week.

At Ugetsu's house, Akihiko begins to make breakfast, while Ugetsu is sleeping. Akihiko drinks his cup of coffee with Ugetsu leaning over Akihiko's shoulder and asks to give him a bite. Akihiko looks uneased by Ugetsu with Ugetsu opening his mouth. Akihiko grabs a piece of bacon with his fork and hovers the fork in Ugetsu's mouth with Ugetsu closing and chewing. Akihiko is told by Ugetsu that he wishes the humidity would just die with Akihiko telling him that's what he gets for living in the basement. Akihiko asks Ugetsu if he can play some drums in the morning with Ugetsu question him why. Akihiko looks over at Ugetsu and asks if he wants to come to the live performance. Akihiko is asked a question from Ugetsu and starts to feel uncomfortable with Ugetsu telling him that he sucks so bad, he couldn't even answer him and that he won't go. Akihiko starts smoking when Ugetsu takes his smoke from his mouth and blows smoke. Akihiko tells Ugetsu that he should come with Ugetsu telling him that there's no point in seeing a show if the performers aren't even trying. Akihiko tells Ugetsu that he's trying with Ugetsu telling him that he finally has some enthusiasm. Akihiko tells Ugetsu thanks while Ugetsu tells him to play violin with him later. Akihiko tells Ugetsu to play with his new viola-playing boyfriend with Ugetsu telling him that he just likes his face. Akihiko questions Ugetsu if that's so with Ugetsu agreeing that it is.

Though a few scenes, Akihiko and Ugetsu play the violin and Akihiko practicing.

At the concert venue, Akihiko, Ritsuka, and Haruki wait for Mafuyu. Akihiko tells Haruki that they should see how things go until the rehearsal with Haruki agreeing that Mafuyu might blow them all away at the last minute. Akihiko tells Ritsuka and Haruki that if Mafuyu plans on singing, they should hold out. Akihiko and the others turn around to see Mafuyu behind them.

During rehearsal, Akihiko practices with his band members on stage. During the day of the performance, Akihiko is told by Ritsuka to go without vocals. Akihiko is told by Ritsuka that they've always been an instrumental band with Akihiko telling him that he won't fight with him on this.

Episode #9 A Winter Story

During the day of the performance, Mafuyu breaks his guitar string, Akihiko, Ritsuka, & Mafuyu are left speechless. Akihiko is told by Haruki hat he'll go downstairs to talk to some people, while they go back to the green room. Akihiko is interrupted by Yayoi with her starting to ask what is going on, but is cut off by him. Akihiko is informed by Yayoi to take care of Ritsuka.

Back at the concert venue, Akihiko, Mafuyu, & Haruki wait in the room until Ritsuka comes into the room with the supplies panting. Akihiko leaves the room with Haruki.

Outside of the room, Akihiko calls to Haruki as the two continue walking. Akihiko grabs Haruki by the arm & turns him around to look at him. Akihiko tells Haruki that he's always saving his ass. Haruki becomes nervous & questions Akihiko whether he means with band stuff. Akihiko tells Haruki that he means personally & thanks him for inviting him into the band at a time when his nerves were all shot to hell. Akihiko is told by Haruki to put the death flag down with him joking & Haruki being serious. Akihiko places his hand against a pictured frame & tells Haruki that he can be a little more conceited.

On the stage, Akihiko, Ritsuka, Mafuyu, & Haruki make their way up the stage. Akihiko & Haruki later nod to each other. Akihiko, Ritsuka, & Haruki look at Mafuyu with Haruki telling them to have fun. Akihiko, Haruki, & Ritsuka soon realize Mafuyu singing. Akihiko, Ritsuka, & Haruki begin to have fun on stage.

After the performance, Akihiko & Haruki are asked by Yatake about the vocalist with Haruki & Akihiko cheering with their cups.

Episode #10 Wonderwall

At the café, Akihiko arrives at the café & later leaves with Haruki trying to explain to him that he has the wrong impression.

At the barbeque restaurant, Akihiko, Haruki, & Ritsuka celebrate for yesterdays show & Mafuyu feeling better. Akihiko & the others are asked what Haruki is holding with them becoming hyped about the result. Akihiko & Haruki look at each other with Haruki telling Mafuyu & Ritsuka about not knowing which direction to take. After Mafuyu discusses his thoughts, Akihiko, Haruki, & Ritsuka give a piece of their meat to Mafuyu. While Haruki asks Mafuyu if he has any suggestions & Mafuyu suggesting a word for the band, Akihiko writes the name down with Haruki wondering if he has no snarky comment. The band agrees with the suggested name "Given".

At the studio, Haruki & Mafuyu talk about setting up their new account with Akihiko taking a photo of Haruki.

Outside, Akihiko is asked by Mafuyu if he has any recommendations for music with Akihiko compiling a music playlist & Mafuyu thanking him.

At Ugetsu's house, Akihiko arrives home & compliments Ugetsu on how nice & cool the house is. Akihiko is asked by Ugetsu what he's smirking about & if it's something that got him worked up. Akihiko turns around with a grin. While Ugetsu watches the yesterdays live performance, Akihiko is told by Ugetsu about uploading footage nowadays. Akihiko asks Ugetsu what he thinks with Ugetsu telling him it's not bad, but it's not great, either & what it sounded like live. Akihiko is told by Ugetsu that music is all about seeing the actual live performance & that it's not bad though with Akihiko telling Ugetsu thanks.

During the day, Akihiko & Haruki are waved goodbye from Mafuyu & Ritsuka.

Episode #11 Song2