Quotes by Akihiko Kaji from the Given manga and anime.

  • (To Ritsuka) "... The hell?! Don't tell me you've made a move on him already?!"
  • (To Haruki) “Shut your mouth, son.”
  • (To Haruki) “Yay for Haruki-san. Yay.
  • (To self) “I thought love would be softer, sweeter, and kinder. I found out with my first love that those thoughts were just a happy delusion. Falling in love with someone is something much more violent, like having your flesh ripped apart.
  • (About Ugetsu) "It’s not like Ugetsu Murata was detached from reality, not in the least. He had emotions, like everyone else. But the size of both his heart and his emotions was far more overwhelming than most. It was like just the act of being alive pained him. Happiness, sadness, and pain…They were all amplified exponentially for Ugetsu, and he kept it all buried far deeper than a normal person would. I was insanely jealous of him for that, but at the same time, I pitied him for it. When his hands touched my skin through my clothes, there was so much tension, like I’d been pierced by needles. I wanted to rip all of these needles out, strip him naked, and sully that sound...
  • (To Ugetsu) "Could you at least call me a freeloader?"
  • (To Haruki) "I really admire that about you."
  • (To Uenoyama) "Your face basically says, "I'm in love with Mafuyu."
  • (To Uenoyama & Mafuyu) "Good Luck!"
  • (To Ugetsu) "I am not coffee."
  • (To Haruki) "Hey, the braids are cute."
  • "Well, I definitely didn't expect this."
  • (To Haruki) “You are like an arbitrator ... you’re able to appeal to anyone at all."
  • (To Haruki) "No... just saying that you are more popular than you think you are, that’s all."
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